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March 28, 2010


Brad Clay

Scott, Just read the scriptures with my boys tonight, and we all agreed how stunning it was that Jesus and his disciples acted in faith to go get the colt they didn't even own.

It hadn't been done before. Jesus could see it was part of His destiny, but not the destiny the crowd expected of a glorious earthly kingdom, but the destiny of suffering and rejection to save a people. That step of faith is how we act when we listen and respond to our Father.

Thanks bro, good to have you back!

 angeline george

i love jesus! i am so awed by his great love for me. i am a nobody ans just an ordinary girl living a plain life. yet the creator loves me unconditionally. imagine the maker of the universe loves you.i will never be able to fanthom his greatness. thank you jesus, i love you now and forever,someday i will be with you in your kingdom.

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