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October 10, 2009



Hi !! congrats on your gorgeous babies! We are expecting our referral next week YIPPEE! I was wondering if I coule email you with a few questions when you get a moment (i know you're busy!) as we are adopting without an agency- my email is jenmjones@gmail.com thanks so much! Jen


Hi! You don't know me but we recently applied for an adoption through Rwanda. I would really like to see an example of a letter for fundraising if there is one that you sent out to friends/family? If you have any other creative ideas for fundraising I'd love to hear them! Thank you for posting on your adoption as it has been a blessing to us! alexanalisa@gmail.com


Hi - I just stumbled across your blog. Congratulations on the recent additions to your family. My husband and I are in the early stages of considering adopting from Rwanda and if you have time (ha!), I'd love to "talk" to you about your experience with your agency. Would you recommend them? How long was the total process (from the time you started your paperwork to referral and from referral to picking up your kiddos)? Total expenses?

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