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August 02, 2008




What a fantastic book. I believe people like this recongnize, and in a way, "steal" this stuff from God...It can be like stealing a car without the keys--some of this is pretty hard to sustain without Him.

That said, several parts of this resonated for me. Thanks for considering these things for us all!

Success without a successor is failure: (h) Obstacles are conditions of success. Ex: bird - biggest resistance is air, without it it dies and can't fly; another example: boat and water. Problems give meaning to life. (pg 77-78)
(h) Don't always be the problem solver, teach the people around me to think and decide for themselves. Approaches to solve problems... (pg 95)

Seven "Dead Sins": Trying to be liked rather than respected.

Building Leadership: Believe in them-that will encourage risk

I believe you....go for it!


Brad, thanks for the comments! John Maxwell is a Christian and would tell you himself that all of his principles are Biblical. The international platform and access he has gained in business and leadership development is amazing, it has opened up countless doors for him to share the Christ with government leaders, to the heads of multi-national business and non-profits. You should check out his organization EQUIP (http://www.iequip.org/site/c.gqLTI0OBKpF/b.816917/k.12E/Home_iEQUIPorg__Equipping_Leaders_to_Reach_Our_World.htm)


Hi Scott,

Sorry, I didn't mean to cast a shadow on anyting about this particular author (I haven't read the book or know anything about him). I was more refering to the self-help industry at large.

Thanks for the link and the thoughts. Its good to hear this kind of thing does become a springboard for the foundationtional discussions.

your fan and friend

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