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June 04, 2008



This post begs the question Scott, are all the things Satan mentioned sins? Is oral sex a sin if you are in monogamous, married relationship? Are all homosexuals sinners, and are they wrong for being who they are? How do you reconcile that with Original Sin? Thus aren't you also a sinner, no more and no less then they are? Wouldn't Jesus accept a homosexual in his flock? If Noah happens to be a homosexual, will you think of him less, disown him, or try to persuade him from being gay? I demand your response.


Brian, you're quite demanding today :)

It doesn't really matter what I think about these issues, what matters is what God reveals to us through His word. The Bible has a lot to say about sex, lust, relationships, homosexuality, adultery, marriage, sexual immorality; while it does not specifically mention some items like masturbation or oral sex, one does then need to ask if what is mentioned applies to these unmentioned items also. You are a smart guy and I know you've also studied the Bible so I'll let you draw your on conclusions from what the Bible says on those topics.

I encourage you to discover these answer's from God's word yourself, not based on what a blog, or church, or other person tells you to believe.

As for the questions that you ask specifically regarding me, here are my answers:

1) Yes I'm a sinner. Thankfully though God's has provided a way through Christ to reconcile me with Him and wash away my sins. I don't consider myself better then any person.

2) We don't see Jesus encounter a homosexual in scripture, but we do see how He reacts to a woman caught in adultery, a tax collector, etc. In every situation he upholds the individual's dignity, treats them with love and challenges them to start living their life for God. I have no doubt he would do the same with a homosexual.

3) My love for Noah is not dependent on his sexual decisions. I would love him the same regardless if he struggles with alcohol, becomes a top executive, put in prison, is valedictorian or goes into full time ministry. This is what I see God doing as he looks at His children on the earth, He loves us the same regardless if we're heterosexual, homosexual, Muslim, Buddhist, black, white, servant or master. His desire is to have a relationship with His children... unfortunately sin gets in the way of that which is why Jesus' sacrifice was necessary.


Michael Dean


Just a suggestion. Check out deadlyviper.org. They recently spent a week looking at many of the sexual topics that you generally don't hear discussed in the Church... and they use the bible. :)



Thank you for your answer. It was, thankfully, what I hoped to hear.

Thanks Mike; I'll check out deadlyviper.org.


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